New Project Process

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What To Expect During The First Site Visit!

On our first visit, we will work together with you to gain a complete understanding of your vision and how you plan on using the space. Our team of expert designers listen intently to your vision then provide creative and functional advice for the project.

·       We will show you photos of similar projects to help determine your preferences

·       We will take note of your home’s décor, style and lines of site to the backyard

·       We will discuss placement of primary and secondary visual features

·       We will take measurements and photos of the project area

·       We will talk to you about your project budget


Design, Pricing, & Proposal

After our initial meeting, your designer will spend hours rendering your home in our specialized 3d software which allows you to easily visualize the design concept.  Then with your vision and our expertise, your designer will create a stunning 3D design for the entire project.  On average your unique design will be ready to review within seven to ten days of the initial consultation. This review takes place at our office where we will present the interactive 3D design that can be viewed as a day or nighttime setting complete with lighting and season-specific sun and shade patterns. It is an immersive experience!  You will also receive a detailed proposal with all specifications and an itemized quote specific to your project. This meeting is a great time for your designer to answer any questions you have, discuss revisions to the design and begin to browse our design center to view materials.

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